We hope we can answer some of the most important questions you should ask of your lawyers; however, the best way to get to know us is visit with us and to call some of our Client references. We welcome you to explore our website, learn a little about what we do, and hopefully, you will come away recognizing the qualities and characteristics that truly set our firm apart.


What kind of law firm are we?




Our firm is led by a father/daughter team of lawyers and supported by a competent, experienced, and friendly support staff. Our impressive support team helps our lawyers seamlessly handle an active caseload and are immediately available to respond to Client concerns when our lawyers are unavailable. With fifteen years of subrogation experience has come extraordinary efficiency. We do not try to impress our clients with expensive art on the wall, marble floors or wood paneling. Instead, we have chosen to invest in technology. We have cutting-edge hardware and software that keep us in step with the Clients we serve and ahead of our competition. Our firm decided 20 years ago that we would put people before profits, put results before image, and most importantly, not waste time trying to look impressive, but strive instead to be impressive. It is a commitment that we still honor today.


How do we treat our Clients?




We see it all too often in our profession. The Clients that generate the most firm profits receive the most attention. That is just not good enough for us. Because we exclusively represent insurance carriers that are signatories to inter-company arbitration with Arbitration Forums Inc., we have directly limited our potential client pool...and that is absolutely fine with us! We treat each of our Clients with the same respect and our actions speak louder than words. We return calls promptly, we answer questions quickly, and we research solutions to problems efficiently because we are here to serve our clientsı needs, not our own. For us, it is what separates a good law firm from a great law firm.


What is important to our firm?




Achieving a personal and professional balance is one of the most important goals of our firm. A win-at-all-cost attitude in one case can and will irreparably damage a professional relationship with the opposing counsel and/or adverse carrier in another. As large as the insurance industry may appear to be to outsiders, the fact of the matter is that we work with the same adjusters and lawyers regularly. For this reason, we spend time in developing collegial relationships with opposing counsel careful never to lose sight of who we are here to serve. Our reputation for providing quality legal representation was built upon diligently pursuing our cases without consideration for how much money is at stake or what we stand to recover. Every case is important to our firm. By directing our firmıs resources towards representing automobile subrogation cases in Dallas, Tarrant, and contiguous counties throughout Texas, we realize economy of scale benefits that directly reduce our Clientıs litigation expenses.